Code Optimization

Code Optimization

This is one of the largest parts of the search engine optimization process. The optimization of your web site’s code is what Google will look at to see how relevant your site is to certain keywords. The code optimization focuses on both visual and non visual aspects of SEO. You web sites layout and content is visible to visitors, and Google looks at these very strongly. But there are elements of optimization that can not been seen by visitors that affect your rankings. For example, your web site’s meta tags tell Google about your web site like an ID Card. Meta tags tell the search engines who you are, how you want Google to index your site, and also what keywords you want to be ranked on. Our SEO experts will optimize both the visual and non-visual elements of your site so it is index and rank appropriately.

Link Building

The amount and type of links to your web site make up over 40% of your optimization outcome for highly competitive keywords. SEO Compatible Design™ focuses our linking strategy on your overall web site’s keyword theme. When choosing link partners, we follow Google’s link requirements. We do not gather links that are part of link farms, or whose content does not relate to yours. Google will not count a link to your web site if it does not follow the same subject theme. Google has a much stronger link analyzer than Yahoo or MSN. Google links can vary significantly from other search engines because Yahoo and MSN do not weigh as much on the content than Google. Yahoo and MSN care more about your link volume, where as Google care about Quality Link Volume. When you compare the top search engines, Google cares about quality and not quantity.

Web Site Analytics

SEO Compatible Design™ works with Google Analytics to build a traffic log system for your web site. You are able to login anytime and see your current traffic from all over the web. You can also integrate your Google Adwords Campaign to see which keyword visitors entered under. You can also see what areas of the world your site has been accessed from. It is an amazing system from Google and we will set it up for you.

Site Map Submission

Google and Yahoo have site map systems to keep them informed of any changes to your web site. We set your web site up on these systems so as soon as any optimization changes are made, the search engine spiders are notified and the re-index your site faster than the usual schedule. Google Site Maps and Yahoo Site Explorer will keep the search engines on top of your web site changes from day one.

Ongoing Reporting

We know the results of your overall campaign are what SEO is all about. Every month we will send your updated ranking reports showing how well your site is ranking in the top search engines. You will be able to view what keywords your site is ranked on, and compare it to your first report to see the significant changes. You will also be able to see increased traffic through the analytics system from new rankings on certain keyword.

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