Link Building Strategy

Arguably the most important aspect of a successful SEO campaign is proper link building. Search engines place great emphasis on both quality incoming and outgoing links and will judge a website’s popularity accordingly. If your site links to and in return is linked from sites that the search engines already consider to be high quality, your site’s perceived quality will also grow. Having sites that are considered reputable and of high quality link to your site demonstrates that your site is viewed as an important resource. This is how you make it to Google’s front page results..

Links can include a variety of sites and resources. These include blogs, online articles, social media sites and profiles, press mentions and releases, high pagerank sites (authoritative sites), forums and other sources.

As we build your links, both in and out, people will have more exposure to your site and will be able to find it more easily. As the link campaign expands, so will your site’s traffic. This won’t happen overnight, but quality links are the quickest way to achieve a higher rank and drive traffic.

Link Building Strategy

British SEO uses a proven, trustworthy strategy to developing high-quality links. We never venture into the grey area of SEO. Though such techniques can demonstrate positive results in the short term, in the long run the search engines will penalize the site.

We incorporate link building into other aspects of the SEO campaign. This makes the process more natural and prevents search engines from viewing the site as being artificially padded. As the campaign continues, our experts will tailor links that best complement your site and will lead to the highest rank and the most traffic.

As we begin your SEO campaign, our experts will use the experience they’ve gained by optimizing hundreds of sites to develop a link building strategy that works for your site. Your assigned account manager will constantly update you on the links we are developing and how they are performing. Many clients enjoy seeing the sites that are linking to theirs and take pride in the links. If you have questions about a particular link or have a site in mind you’d like your site linked to, our technicians will be available to help.

Link Building

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• White Hat Techniques
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• Bespoke Packages
• Regular Reporting & Monthly Monitoring

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