Local SEO

Several years ago, search engine optimization was an all encompassing single category. But as the search business and the Internet as a whole has grown, SEO has branched into more specific areas. One of the biggest sub-divisions of SEO is local SEO. If you are a local business, local SEO is where you will make your money.

Local Search Engine Optimisation

The existence of local SEO helps smaller sites compete against larger ones due to geographical advantage. There is no way for a small hardware store to compete against giants such as Lowes, Home Depot or Walmart on the Internet as a whole, but in the arena of local search, the field is even or even slightly in favor of the local business.

If your website caters to a local audience, local SEO will be our main focus. We will ensure your site is indexed on the appropriate sites that help individuals find local businesses and services, which will drive traffic to your site. British SEO will help you identify the areas to focus on regarding local search results, including geographically targeted keywords and map integration. These alone are often enough to drive traffic to your site, even without an intensive SEO campaign. If you are a large company that provides goods and services in many locations, local SEO will benefit you also. The trick is to associate the site with the areas that will be most interested in what the site provides.

Local SEO also fits in nicely with marketing and social media solutions. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are beginning to offer geographic services. In today’s world of GPS enabled smartphones, local SEO has grown exponentially and is one of the first things local businesses should focus on in their SEO campaign. Local SEO packages offered by British SEO will make use of all of these avenues and ensure your site appears in local search results.

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