Thanks to the iPhone and Android mobile devices, more and more people are accessing the web away from their computers. Experts predict that in a few years, mobile web access will surpass computer access. This means that any good SEO program must address the issue of mobile accessibility. The major search engines are working hard to tailor their searches to meet the needs of mobile users. This means a special search algorithm that will give higher priority to sites that are optimized for mobile viewing.

British SEO is working hard to keep up with the rapidly evolving trend in mobile computing and is fully prepared to ensure your site is optimized for the highest possible mobile search pagerank. Perhaps the site will need to be modified to be more friendly for viewing on mobile devices. In some cases, an entirely separate mobile optimized version of the site is called for. We will help you decide which option is best for your site and ensure the implementation meets all the requirements for mobile search indexing.

Our Approach To Mobile SEO

Our mobile SEO packages have proven very popular among our clients and demand for the service is growing rapidly. Some sites need more emphasis on mobile than others, but all sites need some degree of mobile SEO optimization. It is an investment that is sure to pay off, regardless of your site’s focus.

During the consultation, the account manager will work with you to determine the level of mobile SEO optimization that best suits your site. Not all sites will benefit equally mobile SEO so our goal is to combine the proper amount of mobile optimization with a cost that is worth the effort. The ultimate goal is to make your site easily accessible and known to the widest audience without undue expense.

Our IOS and Android specialists are trained to recognize the website issues that most hinder mobile viewing. Here are some issues we’ve identified that are especially important to mobile visitors.

Local search. Mobile visitors are on the go and are often trying to find goods and services nearby.

Location based services also fall along these lines.

Optimization for effective predictive searching. Entering search terms on a mobile device is slower and the proper utilization of concise search terms speeds up the process.

Content designed to be viewed on the small screen with or without flash capabilities.

British SEO understands the importance of mobile web search and is prepared to lead your website into the mobile marketplace.

Mobile SEO

• Sites Optimised For All Browsers & Devices
• Comprehensive Analysis Of Site Performance
• Monthly Progress Reports
• Bespoke Mobile Solutions

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